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Medical Weight Loss Program in Philadelphia, PA - Advanced Urgent Care

If you’ve tried to lose weight or feel like you don’t know where to begin, Advanced Urgent Care’s medical weight loss program is for you. Our confidential consultants will get you the help you need and will check for other factors that may be causing weight gain, including thyroid, hormonal or aging changes that can deter weight loss progress.

You’ll be set up with a nutritional program and exercise regime that is manageable and that fits within your lifestyle, time and goals for success. Sometimes it’s easier to have professional guidance than to take on such a difficult task on your own. Plus we’ll give you motivational pointers and weekly follow-through to ensure guidance every step of the way.

Lose weight the smart way with our help. Unlike many rapid weight loss programs that push you to the edge of unhealthiness, or personal trainers and memberships that can be costly, we’ll make sure you have the right mindset and tools you need. And if you get stuck, you’ll have a friendly and encouraging mentor from our staff to call at anytime.

Treat your body well to prevent major illnesses caused by obesity. Get on board with our medical weight loss program this week and start getting healthy again!

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